About Us Who is Mainland Media?

In 2005, Anthony Ramirez II and John Martin were working at the same nonprofit in The Bronx– Anthony on a youth services program and John on an economic development program. Although they attended high school together, it wasn’t until the two began working on behalf of Bronxites that they realized their shared Bronx pride. The Bronx is as much a living breathing part of New York City as any other borough, but rarely sees positive representation in the press or other media. Mainland Media was formed to present The Bronx in the positive light it deserves and to share the best of our borough with the world.

  • Anthony Ramirez II

  • Co-Founder/CEO

Anthony grew up in the Parkchester section of The Bronx. After graduating with a BA in Economics from Columbia University, he moved back to The Bronx to administer after school programs for the borough’s youth. Most recently, he ran a highly-acclaimed information & referral service which connects youth & families to services throughout the City.

  • Paul Ramirez

  • Customer Relations

Born and raised in Parkchester, Paul received his BA in Philosophy & his BS in Music from The Bronx’s own Lehman College. He is now Mainland Media’s Customer Relations lead, working with clients’ day & night. Additionally, Paul is the manager of several Bronx-based musical acts, including The Steven Oquendo Latin Jazz Orchestra.

  • Greig Bennett

  • Creative Director

Greig was raised in the Kingsbridge section of The Bronx. He received his BA at Columbia University and was a founding partner of Orchard Street, a well known urban apparel line in the 2000’s. More recently, he worked for Sony Music as their creative director before joining the from The Bronx team. In addition to his creative direction, Greig is the frontman of up-and-coming New York music act The Wellington Papers.

  • John Martin

  • Co-Founder/Director of Marketing

John grew up in the Bronx neighborhood of Woodlawn and now lives in Riverdale. He received his BA from Binghamton University, his JD from St. John’s Law School & studied Intellectual Property Law at Seton Hall University’s School of Law. John has worked on numerous political campaigns at the local & federal levels.

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